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By the Light

of the


GIANTS are everywhere. They are the folklore that fill our children’s hearts and minds with imagination and novelty. A child’s friendship with nursery rhymes and fairytales is singular; yet as they meet the very characters that surpass time, our young readers design infinite possibilities of how stories should begin and end.


This story is about the friendship between Jackie and his GIANT. Long before the two friends met, Jackie’s Mom placed a butterfly night light in the room to scare away the monsters and their oh-so-real shadows. Unknowingly to her, the light from the butterfly cast the profile of a GIANT onto Jackie’s wall. As Jackie grew, so did his imagination and an unexpected friendship.


The carefully crafted illustrations of this narrative help to tell a story about love and the promise of everlasting companionship, on whichever level you might imagine. Jackie and his GIANT invite you into a room where the butterfly night light, daylight and twilight illuminate the shadow of friendship.


"My giant needs a place to rest, a home for nighttime dreams"