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The ConStella Logo was designed by a young artist at Potomac Senior High School in Prince William County Virginia.  The student is an excellent scholar of art forms, and she is adored by her peers and teachers.  The logo represents a woman-owned company that promotes literacy and its infinite possibilities for wisdom.  Loosely based on ethnicity, and firmly representing faith, the stars and the moon are symbols of navigators for divine intervention.

"A poetic tale illustrating friendship and love by the light of night."

     - on By The Light of the Night

Catherine King is the founding poetess of ConStella Publishing, LLC. She writes
children’s books under the pen name of Hennie Baldwin. Her company creates poetic
prose and picture-based poetry for the spaces where fantasy and reality meet in the
mind of the child, and within the nostalgic awareness of the adult. When Catherine isn’t
designing rhyme for car seats, little feet and merriment on main street, she is spending
time with her gorgeous boys and playful puppies.

Catherine holds a BA and M.Ed. from Mary Baldwin University, and she currently
teaches Virginia high school students the fine arts of reading and writing.

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