Cause Marketing and Smart Giving

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

03 March 2020

I met a friend of mine for brunch on Sunday. Her professional resume includes high-visibility marketing positions for major food and beverage corporations. She lives and breathes the philosophies of marketing, and her advice to me was this: “you’re going to have to invest in marketing somewhere, so why not as an Amazon Seller?” Amazon is IT. Everyone loves Amazon; I’m not sure that my wallet does, however. For an indie author and her first publication, this is going to be an additional step in the hierarchy to personal success. Each time that I’m introduced to another facet of small business ownership, I feel like one of the competitors on American Ninja Warrior, without the perfect body of course, who is wholly determined to secure the next notch on the stick slider obstacle. But wait, there’s more! With a slight tilt of my friend’s head, with a bit of hope in her Swedish-blue eyes, and with an “I-already-know-the-answer-but-I’m-curious-if…”, I responded with: “No, this is not a hobby.”

We began to talk about “cause marketing”. As consumers, we love cause marketing! Until she defined the movement, however, I simply thought of this form of contribution as philanthropy. The crusade is much larger than philanthropy. Cause marketing invites even the smallest social justice initiatives to the largest stage of our lives: awareness. We don’t know what we don’t know; I’m grateful for her suggestion to the call-for-action.

My journey as a small business owner, a late bloomer, encourages a scaffolded approach to adjusting my expectations for profit, for monetary gain. My husband’s son sent me a text asking if I was willing to make a few small contributions, as an act of good faith, to individuals who wanted to understand my platform before investing. We never moved towards the conversation of the whos, the whys, and the whats; I simply said no for fear of venturing into non-profit mode. This approach never works because giving back is the only way to ever make a difference, including the difference within ourselves.

So begins my search for causes to which my company will donate. The Flip Series will inevitably contribute to the ASPCA and the Humane Society. At ConStella Publishing, we love our pets, even if some of them are exotic. By the Light of the Night requires further research. I’ll keep you posted. And if you've previously purchased By the Light of the Night, I’ll send you confirmation of a donation in your name, once we decide on our recipient.

Here’s to Cause Marketing and Smart Giving ~


Go here to put your donations to best use:

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