Indie Publishing: A Movement, Not a Genre

07 February 2020

Independent publishing is no small feat. I am proud to join the populace of men, women and children, yes children, who love their craft enough to self-publish their work. I believe we are special contributors to the literary space, since the majority of our work is personally funded to promote a dream. My twelve-year journey alongside vision, creativity, design and production have led me to you: the reader of this introduction to my company and proudly, my family. The movement of contributing to literary society without the assistance of a larger backing, financial or otherwise, only sweetens the reward of publication. "Indie" isn't a trend: nor is the descriptor a genre. Please support your local, and independently-proud, authors, illustrators, web developers and printers, as they champion their efforts for an authentic reading experience.

My personal success is designed by the following minds: God, my parents, my beautifully blended family and friends, my professors and my colleagues. "All things are possible with you." Thank you.

Make a Wish ~


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