Lessons Learned...As a First Time Author and Small Business Owner

Updated: Jun 17

24 February 2020

In my high school language arts classes, we compare the climax of a story to the scale of justice: when the protagonist makes and fulfills a decision that will tip the scale and therefore, change the outcome of a narrative. Presently, there's a slight "glitch" in my indie-author narrative: one that traditionally, I'd want to challenge. Since a glitch is defined as a short-lived fault in a system which ultimately corrects itself, the opportunity to challenge evolves into an opportunity for change.

A few days ago, I received an email from my counsel stating that the Prince William County-based media company that I contracted to assist me with publishing my first children’s book, "rejected" my claims citing their negligence of our contract. Ultimately, their unfortunate, yet successful dismissal, results in a circumstance to which I have no recourse. They proudly and unfairly claim ownership of my financial capital, my proprietary product, and my marketing plan, all for which I paid upfront, trusting that their word was sound, and guaranteed to never see the slightest return on my investment.

Perhaps I should hold gratitude for their character, for their v-i-c-t-o-r-y.

Our narratives are full of life lessons, and while some of them are disappointing, the majority instill resilience into our character.

Here’s to lessons learned, and to changing the outcome of our personal narratives…

Do your research, check your facts, explore local reputations and request references, evaluate personal presentation {face-to-face}, review {and review again} the parameters of your contract, and retain counsel. You are your first defense for quality assurance.

In the words of the victorious Napoleon Bonaparte:

~ If you want something done well, do it yourself. ~


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