Think About Who You Really Are

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

18 February 2020

I love teaching students the art of language. The discipline prepares them for the critical, and often times lost, need for reading, writing and speaking. Say it isn’t so, though…the attention span for 140 characters is rapidly replacing the reading and reflection process for 140 pages. My children, and the students who I teach, screen through information with a quick swipe up or down, right or left, and frequently choose to swipe left, if the moment petitions authentic conversation. Left, right, wrong or right, eventually 140 characters challenge us to discover deeper meaning in our relationships, our communication and therefore, our thoughts and actions.

Recently, I posted this writing prompt for my freshman and junior level classes: Think about who you really are. In fifteen minutes, structure fifteen sentences that connect to questions such as “Do you believe that you serve a purpose for your family, our community and our world” and, “If you were to attend a class reunion, after five, ten or fifteen years away from your education, teachers and friends might remember you most for…” This is a challenging prompt, a real prompt with an underpinning for examining personal character and perceived reputation.

Good English teachers know that “think about who you really are” is a command sentence: the “you”, before “think”, is understood. If I boldly posed this prompt to my students, then ensuing logos {logic} required that I too, respond to the command. Fifteen sentences at fifty: no problem {smile here}.

I like who I am, and I definitely know who I am: the actions of my past, the decisions of present, and the strategy for my future, have and will define my responses to the above questions.

ConStella Publishing, LLC personifies purpose. Teaching prepares learners for their purpose.

Fortunately, I hold membership with each association. How did I get so lucky?

…light years ago, I wished upon a star.


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