Who Is Hennie Baldwin...and Why Her?

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

10 February 2020

I'm no Stephen King! ...that's for sure.

Everything about a children's book should be FUN; including the author's name. I'm proud of my name, and its personal evolution represented by the experiences of my life. Really though, Catherine King is a bit "adult" for the childhood rhyme that I compose.

Most research suggests that writing under a pen name is passe. We are 21st Century readers, writers and learners, for goodness sakes. And while our children will SNAP!, TWEET! and STREAK! at early ages, perhaps #CatherineKing isn't as much fun as #HennieBaldwin.

The name Hennie Baldwin was created as a combination of two possessions: my adopted name and my education from my alma mater, both of which I keep close to my heart. "Catherine Elizabeth" dove headfirst into a name generator and emerged simply, as "Hennie". "Baldwin" is admirably her surname, and embodies the excellent education and pedagogical training that she received from Mary Baldwin University.

This week I created Twitter and Instagram pages, and my first follower has a BIG presence in our medium. I was so excited about the connection, and then a wise confidant said to me, "Is he following you, or Hennie or ConStella?" I...don't know the answer to that question. What she asked next prompted pause for why I am who I am: "Who will know who you are if you write under a pen name?" I do know the answer to that question. Hennie Baldwin loves her craft and her calling. She believes that childhood can laugh and learn in the same moment. She hopes to share that belief with you, and your children and grandchildren, through the adventures of her characters.

In the spirit of Stars ~


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